REBARMAN S36 | Rebar Cutter Bar Cutting Machine Rod Shearing Machinery

REBARMAN S36 Bar Cutting Machine Rebar Cutter


A Most Advanced & Compact Rebar Shearing Machine (Bar Cutting Machine) : – The best competitor to high end advanced machine in terms of quality and durability & most competitive to cheap economical machines in terms of price.

Economical portable bar cutter for easy, fast cutting of steel bars (Rebar, Deformed Bar, TOR Steel, TMT Bar etc.) with Foot controls. Rebar is easily fed from the side or dropped in from above. Specially Designed for Rebar from size of 6 mm to 32 mm of UTS 650 N/mm2. This Rebar Cutter Provides fast and continuous cutting and are durable rebar cutters. REBARMAN S36 provides easy solutions to construction companies for their frequent requirements of Rebar Fabrication. The design of this bar cutting machine is the result of our two decades experience and feedback from the field. This bar cutting machine is designed to remain maintenance less for bar cutting machine working life. Bar Cutting Machine S36 is used in various countries of world.
Special Features: - Special steel high quality cutter.

High cutting speed for any rebar size.

All 8 cutter edges put to use.

Permanent Lubrication – Do not require lubrication for life time.

Low power consumption.

Single and continuous cutting possible.

Low weight facilitates easy transportation at site through durable wheels.

Machine body is made from special alloy steel providing long life and Robust strength.

It’s durability has been verified by various customers in drastic Atmospheric conditions in countries like India, gulf countries And other African countries.

International Quality Motor and electrical.

Safety Cover.